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Cooperation with a large industrial dairy company in the Trikala

INSOL Ltd following the multiannual cooperation with a large industrial dairy company in the Trikala, has entered into an agreement for the installation of new equipment, modification and modernization of the already existed equipment

Hard and semi-hard yellow cheeses

Insol Ltd cashes years of experience by offering its customers the best results in hard and semi-hard yellow cheeses like Kasseri, Kascaval, Kefalograviera, Graviera and many more.

Production line of halloumi cheese

Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese, which is made from a mixture of cow and goat milk, or whole goats milk.

Insol Ltd has the know-how and equipment to undertake the installation of production line of halloumi cheese.

Dry Ricotta in a dairy factory in Balkans

Dry Ricotta, whey product. INSOL Ltd undertakes and completes production equipment in a dairy factory in Balkans.

Expertise know-how, coupled with excellent manufacturing, delivering the consumer a tastier product

Innovative white feta cheese production line installation

Innovative white feta cheese production line installation in North America. The know how and technical experience of INSOL Ltd in designing feta cheese production lines based on years of specialized experience which has been gained in Greece, a country with a long tradition on producing feta cheese. Therefore, the special expertise and know how that applied makes this installation is the first of its kind in America.

New newsletter service

Insol Ltd newsletters present with absolute clarity and eloquence recent undertaken projects. 

Production of white cheese - feta in Bulgaria

One of the largest food groups in Bulgaria, gives INSOL Ltd the design and implementation of the new plant for the production of white cheese - feta.

Modern equipment with excellent quality and the latest generation operating automation system, guarantees and gives high yields of the product.

Insol Ltd in social media

Insol Ltd as the evolution of communication, decides and implements active participation in social media.

Μodernization of existing equipment on a cheese plant in the prefecture of Trikala

Conversions and modernization of existing equipment on a large cheese plant in the prefecture of Trikala.

Choosing the right equipment combined with excellent know-how of experienced engineers of INSOL Ltd gives the best possible result.

EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification

According to the managements system as per EN ISO 9001:2008, Insol Ltd has been certified by TUV Austria Hellas for study, installation and trade of industrial applications machinery.


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Insol, Your partner in Dairy Industry

In an industry that is rapidly rising around the globe due to the increasing need for milk and milk products from the consumers, becomes a challenge.

Food producing companies want to maximize their capacity and business but always in respect to the local culture.

Our key advantage is based on the explicit knowledge and years of hands on experience in the field of dairy machinery production.

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