Strained yogurt know as straggisto

The strained yogurt is a highly nutritious food because it is rich in nutrients such as proteins,fats, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements.

Cups filling and sealing machine

A small, compact machine with huge capacity can fill and seal cups and containers. The best option for filling yogurt and also adding honey or jam.

White cheese in Bulgaria

White cheese is a delicious, nutritious food, rich in calcium. Its use is widely known as it has flooded the world market and became part of our eating habits.  

Once again Insol Ltd requested to provide the equipment and expertise to a new cheese factory in Bulgaria installing white cheese production line.


Originally developed for cleaning closed systems

Insol ltd developed several CIP systems; automatic and semi-automatic in order to assure the highest hygiene result on all dairy units.

All about dairy and cheese making

Dairy solutions

White feta cheese, yogurt, halloumi and more...

Cheese production lines, fully automatic and semi automatic. Regarding organization and optimization of our activities, we aim to provide reliable, economic and technologically advance solutions and products, in order to maximize the profits and updte...

Halloumi, Feta and yogurt project in New Zealand

New designed and full equipped by Insol Ltd, dairy for the production of Halloumi, Feta, yogurt etc. in New Zealand.



-reception and storage of milk

-milk process

-production (includes Halloumi, Feta, Yogurt, Ricotta and fresh milk)

Feta and yogurt project in North America

One more time the Greek products were the favorite ones and a new dairy has been called to complete this demand of consumers in North America by offering the authenticity of a Greek product that is made by the machinery and know-how of Insol ltd.

Feta cheese, yogurt, yogurt with fruits, yogurt with vegetables like the favorite tzatziki!

Molds for Feta Cheese

Insol ltd presents cheese block molds, manufactured by physical polypropylene with special editing for cheese production factories.

Kasseri Cheese Processing Line

For the production and process of the Kasseri cheese, Insol ltd provides the automatic equipment for the filling, maturation, de-molding and packaging of the product.

New Agreement

Insol ltd signed a new agreement to study, design and supply the mechanical equipment in a new cheese dairy in Trikala, Thessaly.

Supply and installation of receiving, storage and raw milk management equipment. Supply and installation of automatic group for the preheating and standardization of the milk. Supply and installation of fully automated production and drainage...


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