Yogurt processing

Production machinery and packaging machinery for yogurt. Machinery for enrichment of yogurt with fruit, honey, nuts, dry fruits etc.

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Yogurt Vats Closed Type
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Traditional Greek Yogurt Production

Auto filling on plastic and clay containers

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Automatic Filling and Sealing Cups Compact Machine

Cups are sealed by film lid or aluminum foil

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The line is referring strictly to the production of traditional Greek yogurt. Includes automatic import of product containers, milk filling station, culture station, incubation and cooling chamber and sealing cups station, ready to store in the refrigerator or sale.


The machine has the ability to seal plastic cups by aluminum foil or film and cup. Manufactured according to CE standards of the European community. Includes:
- Rotation table
- Paste film Station
- Lids Placement Station
- Final output.

The capacity of the machine is 1200 pieces per hour and the dimensions are: 1700mm X 1700 mm X 1800mm




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Yogurt processing
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